Wildfarm Backpackers, Wilderness Africa!

Almost no backpacking journey is complete without a stop at the Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa! Firstly, it is one of the best backpackers in the Garden Route of South Africa!

Secondly, Wildfarm is the perfect place to overnight and relax! Therefore here you can enjoy beers and braais! The sunsets and moments of bliss at Wildfarm Backpackers are unique! Thirdly, Wilderness in the Garden Route of South Africa is an amazing place to enjoy! It is, therefore, a must-stop!!!

Wildfarm Backpackers, Wilderness Africa is the heart and soul of the Garden Route of South Africa!

Traveling in South Africa is great! For instance, Wilderness is the perfect stop on the Garden Route! Backpacking in South Africa has never been more convenient!

Welcome to the home page of the Wildfarm Backpackers Wilderness Africa!

Located 15 minutes drive from the N2 and Wilderness! The heart of the Garden Route of South Africa! It is the perfect place to stay!

Wildfarm Backpackers Wilderness Africa is without a doubt one of the best backpackers in Wilderness, the Garden Route, and  Africa!


Wildfarm is located in the middle of the garden route! The area is thus an excellent base to explore from!

We are in business since 2006! We strive to give our guests the best stay possible with value for money!

Here, you can enjoy a variety of accommodation options! While relaxing at the Wildfarm Backpackers in Africa it is very peaceful!!!


Garden Route and Wilderness is an awesome place to visit! While traveling through South Africa Wilderness it’s a must!

Do not miss Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa!  Certainly one of the places to stay on the way to Africa!

Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa are one of the best sunset views!!! Thus come and visit us for a sunset drink to take in the views!

Sunset at Wildfarm Backpackers, Wilderness, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa!

The best accommodation prices in the garden route! Lots of different options! Relax and use the best Free Wi-Fi in Wilderness! The Garden Route, and maybe even South Africa!!!


Yes, that’s right we have the best Free Wi-Fi in the garden route !!!


Come and connect here and see for yourself! The online workers love our internet here at Wildfarm Backpackers! In Wilderness, the Garden Route of South Africa there is no better!


Best Free internet in Wilderness and Garden Route of South Africa! Come and connect here! Because only here will you experience the best calls back home!!!


The magnificent views and landscapes you will experience here are incomparable! Located above the Wilderness National Park and on the way to the Map of Africa! That’s why no backpacking trip in southern Africa is complete without a stop at Wildfarm Backpackers!

Our restaurant’s wood-fired pizzas are there for you to enjoy! Relaxing with a view of the Wildfarm our Restaurant will keep you happy and warm! Great food and vibe all night long!!! Grab a cold beer and watch the stars of Wilderness play in the night sky!

Wildfarm Restaurant is open from 4 pm till 9 pm in the evening! They cook up pizzas as you order them! Sit back and take in the amazing view! While the woodfired pizza oven bakes your order to perfection!

Like a true backpacking hero, make an African fire to braai all night long!

Only in Africa will you take delight in stars like these!! The Wildfarm Backpackers, in the Wilderness, is an amazing location worth visiting in South Africa!!!


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Sunset Wildfarm Backpackers, Wilderness, South Africa

Wildfarm Wilderness, People watching the sunset on the deck, in South Africa!


NB: The Wildfarm Backpackers is situated on a farm on the hills of Wilderness!!! It takes 15 min to drive up the hill and the last bit of road is very bumpy! Only for the adventure travelers. Enjoy the scenery on the way up, once you get there it will be worth it!

Wilderness has some of the best sunsets in the world! Garden Route has many great views and the Wildfarm Backpackers gives you plenty of that!

For example, you can see from the east of the lakes and to the Outeniqua Mountains in the north! Sit here with a cold beer in your hand and take in the views!!!

 Garden Route is a must-stop on the way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth! Wilderness is a great place to stop on the N2! 


Firstly it is in the middle of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth! Overnight at Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa! Above all have the best times of your lives! Lastly, we are valued for your money!!!

Garden Route , South Africa, Wilderness, Western Cape

People at a function at Wildfarm in Wilderness, the Garden Route of South Africa!!


Fully licensed bar and restaurant! Enjoy amazing pizzas and burgers during your stay in Wilderness!!! On weekends, we regularly have music nights for you to have fun! Grab a wood-fired pizza or a homemade burger and feast to your heart’s delight!!!

Wilderness has a variety of activities that you can enjoy!  Further hiking on the many trails and beaches is awesome! Many sports can be enjoyed like mountain biking, surfing, kite surfing, and swimming!

The wilderness beach stretches over 30 kilometers, thus here you can take long beach walks! Backpacking on this wild coast has never been better! The garden route, Wilderness is the place to be! Backpackers love to stop and chill in Wilderness because it’s so vibey!! You have all the nice little restaurants in Wilderness to keep you entertained!!!

 Wildfarm, Backpackers, Wilderness, Garden Route, South Africa!


Wildfarm Gallery

Eat delicious wood-fired pizzas with homemade pizza bases while staying over!

 The Garden Route National Park is one of the most amazing places to spend a day! Firstly, canoeing and hiking in the Wilderness National Park!!! Paragliding is also an amazing activity to enjoy Wilderness!  The paragliding is great due to the fact there are many great sites in Wilderness!!! From the Wildfarm Backpackers, you can enjoy all the amazing views and go on one of these flights!!!  

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Mossel Bay is one-hour scenic drive West from Wilderness! Plettenberg Bay is one hour scenic drive East from Wilderness! That’s why it’s a great base to enjoy the Garden Route of South Africa while!!!

Come stay at the Wildfarm in Wilderness for the most relaxing time! Also, we have the best free breakfast in Wilderness, the Garden Route, and South Africa! You get a full breakfast here at the Wildfarm Backpackers with everything you like !!!

Yes, that’s right there are eggs and bacon if you choose! Otherwise, go the sweet route with awesome pancakes for breakfast!!! The only place like this in the Wilderness! Lastly, the garden route, and maybe even South Africa!

Wildfarm in Wilderness, the Garden Route of South Africa where there is always a great vibe and we love to make our guests happy!!!



Wildfarm Wilderness, South Africa, Garden Route

People chilling watching the sunset at Wildfarm, Wilderness, Garden Route, South Africa

The beaches are awesome in the Wilderness and consequently a must-do activity! There are many options to chose from for all types of activities! If you are bored in the Wilderness you are boring and there is nothing we can do about it!!

From busy to secluded beaches there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Wilderness! You can find a beach for the activity of the day! Likewise, Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness can send you to some of the best-kept secrets in the area!

The Garden Route in South Africa has some of the best climates in South Africa! Go stroll on the Wilderness beach! Go explore another town in the Garden Route and just enjoy the best South Africa has to offer!!!

 Above all Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness is a favorite hangout in the Garden Route of South Africa! Certainly for adventure travelers backpacking in Africa! Also, the views are amazing! The surrounding beaches and local restaurants are to die for !!!

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The Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa is a total experience! While traveling through South Africa you have to stop here! In fact, no backpacking trip is complete without a visit to Wilderness in the Garden Route! The Western Cape in South Africa has one of the best climates in Africa! Thus there are no nasty mosquitoes that have malaria! There are many activities to do in Wilderness and the Garden Route of South Africa!!

Backpacking in the Garden Route of South Africa is a unique experience that everyone can enjoy! The Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness is an eco-friendly lodge! For example, we catch rainwater in tanks! Secondly, we are almost of the grid with our very own solar system!!!

 Join us at Wildfarm Backpackers located in Wilderness Africa for a uniquely African experience!!!

Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness the heart of the Garden Route of South Africa is one of the 10 best backpackers in Africa!!! For instance, no backpacking journey in Africa will be complete without having made a rest stop here!

Come watch one of our famous sunsets! For example, come and enjoy a braai with stars in the sky! The Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness is a great place to unwind and relax take in a bit of nature!!

Backpacking in Africa can contain long hard days of travel, but here you can take a few days to chill! At Wildfarm Backpackers read a book or surf the internet, which is the best in Wilderness if not South Africa!!

That’s right you heard me Wildfarm backpackers have the best internet in the Wilderness and the Garden Route!! In South Africa, we finally have some good internet! Yes, it took a while but now it works when it works!!! Lastly remember you are in Africa and anything can go wrong at any time!!!


The Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa the heart of the Garden Route! Wildfarm Backpackers strives to be one of the first eco-lodges in Wilderness and Africa!!! We have a big solar system and are almost totally off the grid!

We collect rainwater that we use throughout areas of the Wildfarm Backpacker’s lodge! Recycled greywater is used for garden purposes! Certainly, we recycle plastic and glass!! Secondly,  we have a nice organic composting system to keep the garden green in Wilderness!!! It’s not called the Garden Route of South Africa for nothing hey!!!

We grow fresh veggies use them in our restaurant Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness Africa! Fresh origanum goes into our awesome homemade tomato base! Above all our wood-fired pizzas are delicious! Spinach out of the garden on the vegetarian pizza is guaranteed from the Wildfarm backpackers!

Wildfarm Backpackers do not have normal load-shedding like the rest of Wilderness and SouthAfrica!  Yes, you heard right we do not have the normal load-shedding routine like the rest of South Africa! We have green solar power to keep the lights on and as a result the internet-connected!!!

The Garden Route is not complete without some fresh veggies out of the garden! Wildfarm backpackers is by far one of the Best Backpackers in the Garden Route and therefore Wilderness! Value for money is the name of our game!!!

Wildfarm Sunset, Wilderness, Garden Route, South Africa

Wildfarm Backpackers and Wilderness are 20km from George! In addition, it takes about half an hour to drive to George Airport or George Central!

It is a good place to find the things that you need like clothes or shopping! There is also the Garden Route Mall which is 20 min drive from Wildfarm and Wilderness. Here you can find all the goods that you might need! The Garden Route Mall is also on the way to George airport and George central! 

Wildfarm is a great place to stay outside of George because you’re in nature but close to George! The Wildfarm Backpackers is also a great alternative to George! Most importantly if you’re looking for something with a view of the ocean!  Uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean both to the east and the west! Further, you can view the ocean all around! The best budget accommodation outside of George! Bear in mind it is a half hours drive from George if you have appointments there!  

The N2 connects George and Wilderness to Cape Town in the West! Secondly, it connects Wilderness and Port Elizabeth in the East!

  It is an ideal halfway stop to enjoy the Garden Route! George is the industrial hub of the area! Wilderness is a touristic hotspot with many little restaurants! Similarly there are arts crafts shops all around! The big beach of George is also located in Wilderness! To sum up Harolds bay and Vitoria bay are the other two ‘bays’ of George! Lastly, Wilderness has the longest beach of them all!   

The airport of George is half an hour’s drive from Wilderness and Wildfarm Backpackers! In conclusion from the George airport, you can connect to Cape Town and also Johannesberg! Thus from here, you can go anywhere in Southern Africa or the world!!

Beautiful view over Wilderness, nice place with a small bar restaurant and great breakfast. Big property and always a big variety of guests, the road is easy to drive if you‘re not a scary driver, its doable with any car =)

Faye S

Situated in the heart of the Wilderness Mountain tops, beautiful windy road to the backpackers, with some breath taking views and oh the sunsets.! Friendly staff to tasty pizzas.! The Wild Farm knows how to entertain there customers, from chilled bands to loud new years party!

Gillian S
Solo Traveller

Great vibe! Stayed in the en suite cabin which is perfect for a couple.! Great live music, bar and pizza. Beautiful views too.!

Sarah J



































Come and Visit Us in Capetown and Garden Route!!! Wilderness is one of the best places in the Garden Route of South Africa!!!