Volunteer Wilderness- Wildfarm Backpackers- Garden Route

Volunteer in Wilderness the Garden Route of South Africa!!!

Come and join us in Wilderness, South Africa! It is a really good place to Volunteer! The Garden Route is a great area to volunteer!

There is great beaches and hikes to explore while in the garden route! Take the time to do Wilderness National Park and hike in the magic forest!


Wilderness is an awesome experience and can be enjoyed while volunteering!

Wilderness can take you on a great outdoor experience! While staying in Wilderness don’t miss the opportunity to go surfing too!

Surfing is great in the area and Victoria Bay is Awesome!!! Victoria bay is one of the best places to surf and its 20 min away from the Wildfarm Backpackers!!! No backpacking surfing trip up the coast is complete without stopping here in Wilderness!!!


Sunset at Wildfarm backpackers, Wilderness, Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa!
Sunsets, Wildfarm Wilderness


Volunteering is a great way to meet people in Wilderness!!!

Wilderness is a great little town on the Garden Route of South Africa!!! Please contact us if you have any other information about Volunteering in Wilderness!!!

The George airport is right around the corner of Wilderness, just half an hour away on the N2 Highway!!!

Please contact us work away website! http://www.workaway.info

Otherwise please contact us on email: info@wildfarm.co.za



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