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Wilderness, Garden Route, Africa! The nature in the surrounding areas is really amazing and above all visit the Garden Route National Park and hike to the waterfall!!

The small town of wilderness, garden route Africa is great! Relax on the beaches while the shops and restaurants are not very far. Nature in the surrounding areas is really amazing and above all visit the Garden Route National Park and hike to the waterfall!!!

The Wilderness Resort was built in 1905 and the road was long and winding from George! Today George is an easy drive from Wilderness on the N2 highway that was built in the ’80s. The Garden Route National Park is really awesome place to visit in the Wilderness and certainly the views are amazing! A river runs through the whole area with lakes and beaches all around and thus to sum it up its awesome here!!!

Wilderness is the perfect place to rest and relax between Capetown and Port Elizabeth!

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Wilderness, Wildfarm, South Africa, Sunset Garden Route

Wildfarm is one of the oldest farms in the area of Wilderness. In previous years it was known as Uitsig which is translates to the “View”.  It has amazing views of Wilderness and the lakes area!  Do yourself a favor and come visit us for a sunset drink and a pizza on the hill!!

Wilderness has a great variety of restaurants to enjoy! The little town is known for awesome food and vibes in the evening and subsequently there are a few bars and coffee shops to visit! In addition go to the supermarket in the Wilderness which is really nice to have close by! Find everything that you might need to cook up a storm in the self-catering kitchen!!!

Canoeing and hiking in the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park are really amazing!

Go to Eden Adventures and the Fairyknowe hotel and rent the canoes and enjoy the day on the river! Pack a picnic basket and have lunch at the waterfall in the park and after that take a nice dip in the cool waters! The hike takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete slowly but, it’s nice to meander along the river looking at the river birds and forest animals!!!

The animals you can expect to see while doing the hike are, the knysna loerie,  bosbok, bushpig and the malachite kingfisher! That is to say don’t make too much noise when going along as you will scare the forest animals away! There are also truly amazing forest trees to admire along the way and one must not forget to take the time to stop and smell the forest!!! 

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Wilderness is a stone through from George but it’s outside the hustle and bustle of town!

If you are looking for nature subsequently come to wilderness as its the place to be! Hiking in the Garden Route is not complete without a hike in the national park! Also, you need to go to the big tree in Woodville, where you will find The Outeniqua Yellowwood so big and beautiful! There is also an incredible hike past some of the most amazing trees in the Wilderness area!

There at the picnic site is braai facilities if you want to take the time to make a barbecue in the forest! Make sure you bring everything that you need as there are no shops around! On the way back from the Big tree make a stop at the Hoekwill Kaffee! Secondly have some amazing cheesecakes and coffees to enjoy while gazing over the Hoekwil hills!!!

Wildfarm Backpackers, Wilderness South Africa!!

 To sum up, come stay at Wildfarm in Wilderness the Garden Route of South Africa! You will experience the true Wilderness sunsets and all its beauty!

“…the beauty and serenity of this corner of the world is in such conflict with its unsuitable name …” “in the Wilderness build me a nest and remain there forever at rest …” (a line from Hayden’s Creation) was sung by a lady Theresa, to her fiancée, to escape the memory of being orphaned when her parent’s farm was destroyed in the frontier war.

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Oakhurst shelter – Stone Age People

This is one of the oldest caves excavated in the country. Forty skeletons of Khoisan (adults and infants) buried in different layers and depths were found.

Other implements found: pottery shards, hippo bones, buffalo, duiker and steenbok bones yielded information about their cultural development and diet


Historical sites

St. Aidan’s church is one of the oldest buildings in Wilderness, which was named after an Irish saint, who was part of the missionary drive to Scotland and England. The church bell was salvaged from the SS Thorne, which was wrecked in fog off Robben Island on 18th May 1831 and presented to St. Aidan’s by the Piggott family in 1951.

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The Oakhurst church was consecrated on All Saints Day in 1876 and called All Saints. 1952 Settler’s Monument was erected by the Lakes Committee in Wilderness to commemorate the founding of the European settlement in South Africa on 6 April 1652. Gericke’s Point was named by Bartholomew Diaz as “Ponta de Pescaria” meaning “place or point of fish”. Today this is still a famous fishing spot as well as rocky-shore and snorkeling sites.


The scenic “passes road” was completed in 1893 by Thomas Bain. This was the first substantial link between George and Knysna.

source: www.parks-sa.co.za

Wilderness Restaurants:

Blue Olive


The Girls


Wildfarm Gallery

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Come visit Cape Town and the Garden Route!!!